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It is one of the top universities in Canada that delivers a full range of career-focused education, training, and applied research programs, and prepares students for success in the new knowledge economy. Today, Conestoga college serves approximately 16, full-time students through campuses and training centres in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Stratford, Ingersoll and Brantford.

Its continuing education programs attract more than 38, enrolments each year. Read the article to know more about Conestoga college, its ranking, programs, courses offered, admission process, and more.

conestoga college course list

Recent surveys by webometrics, the ranking web of universities, indicate that Conestoga college ranks 83 among all the institutions of Canada. A detailed overview of ranking of Conestoga college can be availed from the table given below. Conestoga college offers many degrees, diplomas, and courses in more than full-time and part-time programs.

conestoga college course list

The college offers many apprenticeship programs as well. The programs of Conestoga college are bifurcated into many schools, which are given below. Out of the total programs offered by Conestoga college, there are 56 co-programs, which are bifurcated into credentials given in the table below. The main campus provides its students with student accommodations.

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Most of the courses that are offered by this institute are taught in the main campus. Conestoga college provides its students with two types of on-campus accommodation, namely, two bedroom open concept style and two bedroom suite style.

Students can also avail off-campus housing facilities through Place4Students. Candidates who meet the admission requirements of Conestoga college can apply at Conestoga college by following the steps given below:.

The process of Conestoga college admissions for international students is different from that of domestic students. International applicants must apply through Ontariocolleges. They will receive instructions about transcript assessment at the time of application. International students must prove their proficiency in English language by appearing in entrance exams for studying in Canada. They have to score a certain number of marks to meet the admission requirements of Conestoga college.

The minimum marks that candidates are required to score to be eligible for Conestoga college admissions are given below. Payment of fee for Conestoga college tuition is to be made once every academic year.

The amount for domestic and international students is given in the table below. While the cost of living in Conestoga college varies for every student, it is a good idea to make an approximation of the amount of money they might have to incur on housing, food, transit and more. This will enable them to generate sufficient funds and support themselves with the cost of living in Canada.

Conestoga College provides its students with many types of financial aid, like scholarships, bursaries, and more. It also reserves some scholarships for international candidates only, thereby, providing them with an opportunity to study in Canada.

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Conestoga College has a work-study program that enables its students to fund their education at college.This section of the website will provide guidelines and information on how to format your reference list using APA Conestoga style.

This section covers. If you have two or more references, label the page References in the plural form. For more information, see About Authors for References. For sources found on the Internet, use the publication date or last revised date for all documents. If a source has edition information, include it in the reference entry by doing the following:. This list is in order of preference. Always search for a DOI first. If you do not find a DOI and the source was from the Library's database, use the second type of format and indicate the database name.

DOI stands for Digital Object Identifier and allows readers to access journal articles or electronic books with a type of direct link. For journal articles, DOIs can be found either at the top or bottom of the first page of the article.

For electronic books, DOIs can be found on the copyright page. DOIs come in two formats:. Database names can be found at the bottom of the Detailed Record when using the Library's database. Use the following format:.

conestoga college course list

Location information can be found on the copyright page of the print source. This information is provided after the title in the reference entry.

Indicate the company that is responsible for publishing the information after the publishing location in the reference entry. Publisher information can be found on the copyright page usually beside the copyright information.

This section will help you better understand how to incorporate the author in your references. For information on how to use authors in citations, see the About Authors for Citations. Sometimes a group of people such as a company or organization created the material, so there is no specific author listed.

Instead, you can use the name of the group in place of the author. For example, if you used World Health Organization and used the abbreviation WHO throughout the paper, the reference entry must show World Health Organization as the author name. Use the last name, Doefollowed by the initial of the first name, J. If the author's name is John Marc Smith, assume that John is the first name Marc is the middle name Smith is the last name.

Use the last name, Smithfollowed by the initials of the first and middle names, J. The first last name is treated as a middle initial in the references unless it is known that the author uses both last names. Margaret is the first name, McLean is treated as the middle name, and Heitkemper is the last name. Use the last name, Heitkemperfollowed by the initials of the first and middle names, M.Part-time evening, weekend and distance studies courses at Conestoga attract more than 30, enrolments each year from individuals across the communities we serve.

Nearly half of the local adult population has utilized Conestoga's education and training services.

conestoga college course list

Convenient, flexible scheduling suits the lifestyle of many individuals, making achieving your educational goals and building your career possible. Credit is granted to students who have previously achieved the learning outcomes at post-secondary institutions including Conestoga and have proven that they have comparable or equivalent learning. The notation of "EX" is used for the grade.

For all other courses the time limit is seven years, unless otherwise noted in the Program Outline. For more information, please contact Conestoga's Credit Transfer Office at: credittransfer conestogac. Toggle navigation This site is supported by:. Create Account Sign In.

Conestoga College Online Courses & Programs

EN FR. About Conestoga College. Programs and Courses at Conestoga College. Contact Information. Contacts: Conestoga Marketing marketingcect conestogac.Now What?

Co-op Programs Select a co-op program from the industry categories below for complete details about the program. Bachelor of Interior Design Honours.

Construction Management Optional Co-op. Structural Steel Management and Detailing. Bachelor of Design Honours. Bachelor of Public Relations Honours.

Business Administration - Marketing Co-op. Human Resources Management Optional Co-op. Insurance - Property and Casualty Optional Co-op.


Civil Engineering Technology Optional Co-op. Environmental Engineering Applications Optional Co-op. Bachelor of Community and Criminal Justice Honours. Bachelor of Environmental Public Health Honours. Public Service Optional Co-op. Culinary Management Co-op. Culinary Skills - Chef Training Co-op. Global Hospitality Management Optional Co-op. Hospitality and Tourism Management Optional Co-op.

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Electrical Engineering Technology Optional Co-op.Back to Continuing Education. To register for an OntarioLearn course visit the Continuing Education website. Abnormal Psychology.

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Access - Core. Accounting Basics I. Accounting Basics II. Accounting Theory and Policy. ACE Apprenticeship Math. ACE Biology. ACE Business Mathematics.

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ACE Chemistry. ACE Communications. ACE Computers. ACE Core Math. ACE Physics. ACE Technical Math. Active Records Management. Adapting and Modifying Curriculum Practices. Adobe Dreamweaver.

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Adobe InDesign Basics. Adobe Photoshop 1. Adobe Photoshop 2. Adult Learning.Now What? Search Type Full-time. All Campuses.

Cambridge - Downtown. Cambridge - Fountain Street. Ingersoll Skills Training Centre. Kitchener - Doon. Kitchener - Downtown.

All Credentials. Bachelor's Degree. Advanced Diploma. Graduate Certificate. Academic Upgrading. Administrative Business Management.

Advanced Police Studies. Advertising and Marketing Communications. Applied Electrical Motion and Control Management. Applied Energy Management. Applied Manufacturing Management - Design Integration. Applied Manufacturing Management - Machining Option. Applied Manufacturing Management - Welding Option. Applied Network Infrastructure and System Administration. Autism and Behavioural Science. Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship. Aviation - General Arts and Science.

Conestoga College Bookstore

Bachelor of Community and Criminal Justice Honours. Bachelor of Computer Science Honours. Bachelor of Design Honours. Bachelor of Engineering - Building Systems Engineering. Bachelor of Engineering - Electronic Systems Engineering. Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical Systems Engineering. Bachelor of Engineering - Power Systems Engineering. Bachelor of Environmental Public Health Honours. Bachelor of Interior Design Honours.

Bachelor of Public Relations Honours. Baking and Pastry Arts. Biotechnology Technician. Biotechnology Technician Fast Track.Please note: offerings vary from semester to semester and not all electives are suitable for all programs; for more information regarding limitations on taking a course for your program, please contact Jen Matthews. Now What? Choose your electives Log in to Portal Need more info?

Cambridge - Fountain Street: Wednesday p. Drawing on literature, film, T. Students will examine the role of Science Fiction as one of the most popular and thought provoking genres of this century and the next generation. We will use a variety of theoretical and historical frameworks to interpret Science Fiction and decode the social and political contexts.

Students will learn how the use of analytical methods in archaeology helps us to understand past human cultures. The course will also connect students to archaeologists as guest speakers in order to help interpret preserved artifacts. Students will explore ethical issues relevant to preservation by engaging in debates and other active learning opportunities. Students will develop academic and professional listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

This course will be taught mostly in English to facilitate learning of Chinese. This course will be taught mostly in Spanish with English used to facilitate learning in Spanish. Students will continue to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills with a focus on academic and professional communication within the Spanish language and workplace cultural context.

This course will be taught in Spanish. The course is designed to further enhance beginner level language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students will also explore numerous facets of French Canadian culture. This course will be taught mostly in French with English used to facilitate learning in French. Students will develop reading, listening, speaking, writing and culture awareness. Students will also learn the fundamentals of Chinese character writing.

This course will be taught in both Chinese and English to facilitate learning of Chinese. It is designed for students to develop basic French skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students will also study French culture in various contexts around the world. This course will be taught in both English and French to facilitate learning in French. Students will develop listening, speaking, reading and writing. This course will be taught in German and English to facilitate learning in German.

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